The Ottelé Photo Album

Jean Bernard Ottelé/Ottley * 23 Dez. 1812 in Obermertzig/ Luxembourg, + 16 Jun. 1891 in Key West/USA (Picture sent to me by Steve and Tricia Campbell)

Nicholas Ottle (Nicolas Ottelé) * 1. Aug. 1860 in Lintgen / Luxembourg, his wife Margaret Frank, and their 5 children taken in Alliance,Ohio,USA in about 1915.

Back row: Joseph, Frank, Nicholas, John

Front row: Margaret, Alice, Nicholas

Photo: Collection Barb Schwitzgebel


Margaret Ottle (Marguerite Ottelé) * 28 Jan. 1865 in Lintgen/ Luxembourg, her husband Frederick Schwitzgebel and their 9 sons taken in about 1908 in Canton,Ohio,USA.

Back row: John, Lewis, Jacob (Jake), Nicholas (Nick), August (Gust)

Front row: Bill, Frederick, Harry, Margaret, Herman, Frank

Photo: Collection Barb Schwitzgebel


Frederick Schwitzgebel, his wife Margaret Ottle (Ottelé), and family (ca. 1915)

Photo: Collection Mike Schwitzgebel


Wedding Jan. 22, 1920. The bride in the picture is Eleanor J. (Ella) Ottele d/o of Michael Ottele (* 26 May 1852 in Obermertzig / Luxembourg) married Frank L. Fritz. The women attendant is Leona Ottele (Eleanor's sister). The man is Albert Fritz (Frank's brother). Ella is also on 2 double wedding pictures in Sue Green's Ottele book.

Picture: Collection Shirley Fritz


Martin Ottley (Ottelé) * 2 Sep. 1844 in Obermertzig / Luxembourg, son of Jean Bernard Ottley (Ottelé) and his wife Mary Huberty * 7 May 1855 in ?/Luxembourg, daughter of Nicholas Huberty * 1810 in ?/Luxembourg. Nicolas Huberty came on 7 July 1857 to the USA and on 29 March 1860 he signed his declaration of Intent to become a Citizen.

Picture from the book "Early families of Tipton, Kansas sent to me by: Karen Ottley Howell

Grave of Bernard Ottley (Ottele), Key West, Iowa

Picture: Steve & Tricia Campbell

House of Dominick Forrette, Bellevue, Iowa

Picture: Steve & Tricia Campbell

Anna Kemp, Bernard Ottley (Ottele)'s 2d wife

Picture: Steve & Tricia Campbell

Grafsten um Kirfent "St. Johns Cemetery" zu Petersburg am Nebraska (Pictures: 29.8.2008 René Daubenfeld)

Susan J. ["Susie"] Ottele [1877-1958] and her husband Henry Bernard Keuter [1871-1959] on their 50th. wedding anniversary

The family of Henry Bernard Keuter [1871-1959] and Susan J. aka Susie Ottele [1877-1958] (Collection: Judy Schaaf)

The family of Henry Bernard Keuter [1871-1959] and Susan J. aka Susie Ottele [1877-1958] (Collection: Judy Schaaf)

Gravestone of Henry Bernard Keuter [1871-1959] and Susan J. ["Susie"] Ottele [1877-1958, daughter of Michael Ottele] in St. Boniface Cemetery in Stuart, Holt County, Nebraska, USA.

The following website, mentions Otteles [Susie's father and uncle] as the first settlers of Raeville, NE: "The first Catholic settlers of Raeville were Nicholas Henn, Michael Ottele and Nicholas Ottele, Luxemburgers from near Dubuque, Iowa. They had intended to settle near Columbus, Nebraska, but being told that cheap and good homestead land was to be had three miles northeast of the Raeville postoffice, they located there. This Catholic settlement, too, became known as Raeville." Source:

Pictures & info: Judy Schaaf



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