America in Luxembourg

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Liberation of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg 9th September 1944

Light Armored car "M8" "Greyhound" at Hyman Josefson Square in Pétange / Luxembourg

Engine: Hercules JXD 110 hp - tank 261 ltr
Arms: 1x37 mm gun, 1 x 30 mm and 1 x 50 mm machine guns
Speed: 88 km/h - mission: reconnaisance

Crew on the 9.9.1944 in Pétange / Luxembourg:

2nd Lieutenant Hyman Josefson, commander
Tec5 Cyril J. Mayrose, gunner
Tec5 Burt K. Magee, driver
Tec4 John H. Mitchel, radio operator


American Sherman-tank (M4-A3) of WWII in Clervaux, participated at the battle of the Bulge in the north of Luxembourg

Patton monument in Ettelbruck / Luxembourg

General Patton Museum in Ettelbruck / Luxembourg

Grave of General George S. Patton Junior (+ Dec 21st 1945) at the American Military Cemetary in Hamm / Luxembourg

The exhibition of Edward Steichen (* 1879 in Luxembourg/Europe, + 1973) in the castle of Clervaux / Luxembourg

Edward Steichen organized the exhibition "The Family of Man" in 1955. At that time he was director of photography at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA, 1947-62). "The Family of Man" was considered to be the greatest photographic exposition ever mounted.



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