The Ottelé Genealogy Version française

Johan Ottele von
Hohe ward geboren den
27 Septembris im Jahr
Christi 1542. Ward getauft
in der Pfarrei zu S. Catharina
daselbst den 27. Decembris.

Anitzo (jetzt) seines Alters im 115. Jahr.

Ottelé, Ottelet, Ottele, Ottle, Otlet, Otelle, Ottley is a rare name all over the world. But nevertheless you can find Otteles in many countries. So far I have had contact with or information from "Ottelé"s living in Belgium, in Canada, in France, in Germany, in Luxembourg, in the Netherlands, in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America. Ottelé / Ottelet is a French name. In French the first "e" of Ottelé is a "silent e" and the last "e" has an acute accent. This pronociation of the name is nearly the same in the different countries, but the spelling of the name had been adapted: Ottelé, Ottelet, Ottele, Ottle, Otlet, Otelle, Otley, Ottley, Oteley, Utley, Hottelet, etc.

Since 1995, I have been searching on the Internet to find information, mail addresses, e-mail addresses, web pages of Ottelés. I quickly noticed that there was much more information than I had imagined at the beginning! I also received e-mails from Ottelés who were also looking for the roots of their family. And so slowly but surely the game became a passion.

This site is the attempt to gather information about "Ottelé"s from all over the world and to find links between the different Ottelé families. I don't know if all "Ottelé"s are related, but I think that many are. Internet seems to me to be the appropriate media to do this work and to create new friendships.

This site could be the beginning of a meeting point of the "Ottelé"s all over the world.Great care is given to the privacy of persons and all private information of living persons will only be published with their personal agreement.

Information so far available:

House of Nicolas Ottele - Wagener (built in 1841) in Mertzig (Picture: 21/5/2007 jmo)

If you have any suggestions, questions or information you wish to add on the Ottelé genealogy-site, just send me an e-mail!

Jean-Marie Ottelé, Luxembourg/Europe


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