Ottele Johan
(1542 - 1659)

Johan Ottele in Nürnberg - 1.6.1657 (Picture: Igor Fogas / Jirí Tomášek)

Johan Ottele von
Hohe ward geboren den
27 Septembris im Jahr
Christi 1542. Ward getauft
in der Pfarrei zu S. Catharina
daselbst den 27. Decembris.
Anitzo (jetzt) seines Alters im 115. Jahr.

Historique - Geschichtlicher Überblick
27.9.1542 Johan Ottele born in Hohe / né à Huy / Hoei (province of Liège/Luik) Belgium
27.12.1542 Baptized in / Baptême à Sainte-Catherine (S. Catharina), paroisse située au sud de Huy
  He studied Latin and philosophy
Il étudiait latin et philosphie
  After the death of his parents he stopped studying and became a guide in the service of Fernando Alvarez de Toledo y Pimentel, Duke of Alba (* Oct. 29th 1507, + Dec. 11th 1582). The Duke of Alba was the Spanish governor of the Netherlands (1567-1573)
5.6.1568 Johann Ottele saw the Batenburg brothers, Lamoral Count of Egmont, governor of Flanders, and the Count of Horne, governor of Geldern and Zutphen, being beheaded by order of the Duke of Alba.
  He married and worked as a sexton and a teacher in Visnack? / Belgium.
Il se mariait et travaillait comme sacristain et comme instituteur à Visnack?
  After 57 years of service, he became a teacher in Hillegersberg near Rotterdam and in Oudewater for a short time.

After the peace treaty of Münster he moved to Brabant, travelled a lot and visited Nuremberg, Amsterdam, a.o.

In Nuremberg the portrait shown below was painted, in Amsterdam a second one was painted on 2nd August 1659. Below the portrait the artist and writer mentions that he was astonished by Johann Ottele's good memory and by the fact that he could read and write 4 languages.

1659 He was in Rotterdam.
Its written in a chronicle that by that time his face and his hearing were still very good, and that his mouth was full of teeth.

Death of / Décès de Johan Ottele
When exactly and where? / Quand exactement et où? / Wann genau und wo?

  This information about Johann Ottele was published in a Dutch newspaper or was found on the pictures


Print of Johann Ottele realized in Nürnberg (Nuremberg) by L. Schnitzer in the year 1657.



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